LAN DS18B20 WEB Temperature Monitor 1 meter Cable

KMtronic RS485 8 Channel ModBus RTU Relay Controller

  The general purpose of RS-485 Eight Channel Relay Controller. Control devices using your PC.   Features: Board number manually through a DIP Switch placed near RS485 connector.   Dimensions:KMTronic_8Relay_Dimension.pdf Required power:12VDC / minimum 600 mA. Model:R4S8CRMB Specifications:Relays have Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) Contacts each capable of switching max:– 12VDC/15A– 24VDC/15A– 125VAC/15A– 250VAC/10A . . .

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QModMaster: KMtronic LAN Ethernet IP 8 channels Modbus/TCP Relay board

Testing KMtronic ModBus Relay board and QModMaster Modbus TCP RTU Master Software     QModMaster Modbus TCP RTU Master Software Testing: QModMaster Modbus TCP RTU Master Software KMtronic Modbus/TCP Relay Ethernet Modbus IP 8 channels Modbus/TCP LAN Relay board KMtronic ModBus Relay board connected to: IP: MODBUS PORT: 502             . . .

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KMtronic LAN WEB 8 Channel Relay board