LAN DS18B20 WEB Temperature Monitor 1 meter Cable

SDM120 Modbus 220/230V Single Phase Energy Meter, for Domoticz, ESP8266, Arduino

  SDM120 Modbus Single Phase  Multifunction Energy Meter Price: EUR 30.00   • Class 1.0 Accuracy • 45A direct connect load • RS485 Port modbus RTU • 2 Pulse Output • 3 Mode measruements • 12 Electrical parameters • 17.5 mm width 1 modual • 35mm Din rail Mounted Specifications Voltage AC (Un) 230V . . .

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KMTronic Plug-in and Creating Devices on HomeSeer HS3

KMTronic Plug-in and Creating Devices on HomeSeer HS3   We already have a plug-in for Sonoff’s with Tasmota firmware which works great and we use it all the time, but sometimes WiFi isn’t good enough especially for controls outside of the home or in a situation where reliability is important. For these cases we introduce . . .

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Heat and Measuring Temperature using KMtronic LAN DS18B20 WEB Temperature Monitor

Heat and Measuring Temperature Heat is one of the forms of energy. For a molecule or compound, heat is the total energy of its atoms and molecules. Heat can directly be related to temperature. Objects having higher temperature have more energy than objects having a lower temperature. Do you know the devices used for measuring temperature? Let’s find . . .

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KMtronic LAN WEB 8 Channel Relay board